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Gurjit Singh

Welcome to my corner of the internet, where code meets creativity, and development meets design. I specialize in creating streamlined, user-friendly mobile apps and writing technical articles about Swift programming.

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Integrating SwiftUI with UIKit Using UIHostingController

With the introduction of SwiftUI, Apple has provided developers with a modern way to build user interfaces across all Apple platforms....

2024-07-09 . 3 min read     UIHostingController

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Deep Dive into Autorelease Pools in Swift

In the realm of software development, memory management plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficient allocation and deallocation of memory...

2024-01-28 . 4 min read     Swift Autorelease

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Swift enum equatable: with or without associated values

Swift enums provide a powerful way to model a set of related values. Enums can be equipped with associated values, allowing them to represen...

2024-01-24 . 3 min read     Swift Enums

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How to create Date Picker in SwiftUI

Use a DatePicker when creating a view that enables users to choose both a calendar date and, if needed, a specific time.In SwiftUI, you can ...

2024-01-16 . 2 min read     SwiftUI DatePicker

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Getting started with Swiftlint to enforce Swift style

SwiftLint is a tool that ensures Swift code adheres to defined style guidelines. It automates code review by identifying and suggesting impr...

2023-12-29 . 4 min read     Swift SwiftLint

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How to use Lottie animation in SwiftUI

Lottie is a fantastic tool for incorporating high-quality animations into your SwiftUI projects. There are several ways to add Lottie to pro...

2023-12-13 . 2 min read     SwiftUI Lottie

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How to get index in Foreach in SwiftUI

In SwiftUI, the ForEach is used to iterate over a collection of data and create views dynamically based on that data....

2023-12-07 . 3 min read     SwiftUI ForEach

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How to implement navigation split view in SwiftUI

n SwiftUI, the NavigationView and SplitView allow you to create split-screen layouts, especially useful for iPad applications....

2023-11-30 . 2 min read     NavigationSplitView

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The guide to Objective-C for Swift developers

The Swift programming language was created in 2014 with a particular focus on iOS and macOS development. ...

2023-09-17 . 3 min read     Objective C Swift

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How to use Completion Handler in Swift

When we perform network requests to fetch data from the web we have to write completion handlers to know the completion of request.It's quit...

2023-08-26 . 2 min read     Networking

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Getting Started with SwiftData Empty space for void

There are lot of frameworks introduces on WWDC23 SwiftData is one of them. SwiftData designs to persist data using Swift code. ...

2023-07-07 . 2 min read     SwiftData WWDC23

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How to implement UICollectionView tutorial

UITableView is used to display lists of data, but UICollectionView is used to present complex and customized data....

2023-05-05 . 2 min read     UIKit UICollectionView

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Morango Languages

It's a language learning app built with Figma, Xcode, Swift, UIKit, CoreData, and StoreKit that aids in the learning of new languages.

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Habitoo is an iOS app that features a basic habit tracker for tracking everyday goals and behaviours.

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It is a selfie-taking and editing app. It was produced using Java and Android Studio, and it was successfully launched on the Play Store.

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"Mastering SwiftUI" is a comprehensive guide that equips both seasoned and aspiring iOS developers with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in SwiftUI-based app development. This book takes a structured approach, starting with foundational concepts and progressing to advanced techniques, ensuring a holistic understanding of Apple's declarative UI framework.

Readers will explore SwiftUI syntax, views, and data flow, gaining practical experience through real-world examples. The book goes beyond basics, covering intricate UI designs, animations, and seamless integration with other Apple technologies.

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