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Gurjit Singh

I'm an iOS developer with a degree in computer science, and I write about Swift, Xcode, and iOS development. I specialize in developing products, with a focus on the iOS, Android, and web platforms.

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The guide to Objective-C for Swift developers

The Swift programming language was created in 2014 with a particular focus on iOS and macOS development. ...

2023-09-17 . 3 min read     Objective C Swift

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How to use Completion Handler in Swift

When we perform network requests to fetch data from the web we have to write completion handlers to know the completion of request.It's quit...

2023-08-26 . 2 min read     Networking

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Getting Started with SwiftData Empty space for void

There are lot of frameworks introduces on WWDC23 SwiftData is one of them. SwiftData designs to persist data using Swift code. ...

2023-07-07 . 2 min read     SwiftData WWDC23

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How to implement UICollectionView tutorial

UITableView is used to display lists of data, but UICollectionView is used to present complex and customized data....

2023-05-05 . 2 min read     UIKit UICollectionView

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How to write concurrent code in Swift

In a previous article, we learned how to request data from the web, handle JSON data, and make custom models using Codable....

2023-04-25 . 3 min read     Networking GCD

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How to Get Started with SwiftUI in 5 Minutes

SwiftUI is a simple and fast way to make user interface but it's quite young and missing lot of features used to make complex apps. ...

2023-04-23 . 5 min read     SwiftUI iOS

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Dealing with App Transport Security in Xcode

What is App transport security(ATS)?. App transport security improves user security and privacy by making secure connections to network....

2023-04-12 . 2 min read     Xcode Networking

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How to cache data in Swift using NSCache

When we develop apps for iOS, we need to perform heavy tasks such as loading images from the network, loading files, etc. It's a very ti...

2023-04-07 . 2 min read     Networking NSCache

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How to hit an API and parse json data

In the world of apps, practically all apps use web services to get data from the internet.It enables user to send and receive data from the ...

2023-03-22 . 4 min read     Networking API

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How to use enum in Swift Empty space for void

Enumerations (enum) enables you to write code in a type safe way. Enum is very useful while defining common type of values. You don't have t...

2023-03-07 . 2 min read     Swift Enum

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How to use UISearchController with UICollectionViewController

UISearchController is a view controller that displays search results with the help of search bar. The search controller correlate with searc...

2023-01-05 . 2 min read     UIKit UISearchController

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How to integrate AdMob to an iOS app

You successfully created an app and uploaded it to the app store. You want to finally reap the rewards of your work. You have a variety of w...

2022-08-05 . 4 min read     Admob Monetization

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Optional unwrapping syntax in Swift 5.7

Optional unwrapping is one of the most used patterns in iOS development. Swift 5.7 introduces new features included a new way to unwrap opti...

2022-06-14 . 2 min read     Optionals Unwrapping

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How to enable large titles in your navigation bar

You can enable large titles in your navigation bar using prefersLargeTitles property. This property has boolean value true or false. When it...

2022-01-11 . 2 min read     Navigation Bar

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Property observers in Swift Empty space for void

It's a common pattern or technique in various programming languages when we want to perform some action when a value is changed. Property ob...

2021-05-24 . 2 min read     Swift Property Observers

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The closures in Swift are explained with examples

Closures are a difficult topic to grasp in Swift, but they are simple to grasp if well described. Closures are functional blocks that can be...

2021-04-11 . 3 min read     Swift Closures

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How to use guard in Swift to write code more readable

It's necessary to write more robust and simple code as long as your project goes more complex. Every line of code you are writing is matters...

2021-03-29 . 2 min read     Swift Guard

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How to implement app ratings and reviews in Swift

When you are developing app keep in mind that it is very important to engage users and ask for feedback to improve your app's experience...

2021-03-18 . 2 min read     Reviews StoreKit

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