Morango Languages

Learn new languages with Morango Languages in easy and fun way.

The challenge

Learning new languages is always hard and challenging. Morango languages is an app which helps you to learn new languages in simplified and fun way. There are many apps and solutions which helps you to learn new languages but they are lacking regional content. Morango languages currently expanding in Asian continent and will expand to African continent in future developement. Morango languages platform aims you to prepare for building vocabulary and grammar in gamified way.

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Unique experience

It was truly a great experience to build Morango languages app and shipped to the real world. I researched on new effective technique and methods for unique learning experience. I designed and developed Morango languages from scratch to help newbies who are learning new languages from nothing.

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Why Morango Languages?

Morango languages simplified learning new languages with fun and interactive way. Morango languages is made with love for world explorers. Morango Languages is totally free of cost and available offline. It's helps you to prepare for building vocabulary and grammar with easy and well defined lessons. It provides simple and cool ways to track your achievements. It is well and simply design to just focus on learning in easy way.


Download and explore new adventure of language learning.

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