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18 Mar 2021 . 2min read       @gurjitpt

When you are developing app keep in mind that it is very important to engage users and ask for feedback to improve your app’s experience. Your app’s reviews and ratings will display on App Store which helps to increase downloads and ensures the reputation of your application.

Apple introduces standard interface for implementation of ratings and reviews from iOS 10.3 which is use to ask for users feedback using built in process. It provides way to communicate with the users which is very helpful for next versions of app. Before asking from users for ratings and reviews please ensures these thoughts in mind.

Hightlights on ratings and reviews

Implementation of ratings and reviews

First of all, you have to import StoreKit to implement ratings and reviews.

import StoreKit

And last, you have to use requestReview() method when you want to ask for ratings and reviews within your app using SKStoreReviewController class.



As you see it's very easy to implement ratings and reviews API but it's crucial to know when to ask for ratings and reviews because of it's limited access. You should always keep try best practices to receive more positive ratings and reviews to increase downloads of your app.

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