Attendance Management System (AMS) is the easiest and most user-friendly method of controlling attendance for faculty and students.

About the AMS

Administrators of educational institutions in India and around the world are worried about students attending classes on a regular basis. It has an impact on a student's overall academic achievement.

The simplest way to help teachers and Heads of Departments (HOD) manage student attendance online is through the attendance management system (AMS). The system is simple to use, and it is simple to store and retrieve attendance.

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Four panels are provided by the Attendance management system (AMS) to control faculty and student attendance.

  1. Admin Panel

    The software's administrator has complete control over how it is run. The following are the principal administrative duties:

    • User Management
      • The administrator has the ability to add, edit, and remove users.
      • Additionally, the admin can grant, update, and cancel access permissions.
    • Application Master
      • Manage courses
      • Manage labs, lecture halls, classrooms, etc.
      • Control the lock-in period for lecturer attendance
      • Organize the month of the semester Change
      • Manage semester change Month
    • Reports Management
      • View and print daily reports
      • Edit reports
      • Delete reports
  1. Principal Panel
    • View and export reports
    • Unlock past date attendance for lecturers
    • View fines
    • Other roles can be added by admin
  2. HOD Panel
    • View and export reports
    • Adjust lectures of faculty
    • Shift students to next semester (only in allowed month by admin)
    • Create, assign and edit time table
    • Register students and faculty members
    • Other roles can be added by admin
  3. Lecturer Panel
    • View the schedule (by date using the calendar)
    • Mark attendance of students (Only of allowed lock in period dates)
    • View marked attendance
    • Create, assign and edit timetable
    • View marked attendance
    • Edit marked attendance (only of allowed lock in period dates)